nothing but smartr value.

Our Portfolio is comprised of all properties currently owned by SmartrHoldings, any future property, any additional portfolio companies being held, owned, purchased, or have an equity share within, Fees and Transaction Fees from ALL companies utilizing our software, and 3rd party strategic partnerships that may drive revenue and add value to SmartrHoldings.


Our mission is to offer a new, Smartr way for entrepreneurs, companies, and investors to create passive income. We accomplish this through software, investment strategy, and intellectual property with unlimited earning potential.


Our vision started many years ago when we looked at the current business and investment climate, and realized, all of the top brands and companies running the world are focused on shareholder expectations, rather than the evolution of our people and planet.


SmartrHoldings is not your average software, IP, or investment conglomerate. Our focus is not just based on earning potential, but bringing out the best traits in those involved within any and all of our brands, companies, and property.


Investing shouldn't be a game, but instead, a strategy built to succeed. Our investors don't just write checks and walk away. Anyone involved, whether investor, developer, employee, or officer, is 100% responsible for the success of SmartHoldings as a whole.

our brands.

Our portfolio consists of real-estate, publishing, and software. Below are a few of the brands using our proprietary software. By all means, even if you aren't an investor - research a brand that you can use to earn passive income.


Travel the world, enjoy experiences, and earn when your friends enjoy their own.

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The world's only eCommerce solution with our proprietary earning software.

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A Smartr Marketplace specifically for consultants to promote their services.

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A world-class DIY eCommerce website builder. Earn while your friends do-it themselves.

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Call for a ride, become a driver, and earn from every single ride in your Empire.

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A Smartr Marketplace for event planners, wedding planners, and YOU. Plan, and earn.

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Watch some of your favorite movies, launch your independent films, and refer your friends.

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So, you are a freelancer? Well, don't you think it's time to earn when you refer others?

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A Smartr Marketplace for contractors to promote their services, and make extra income.

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Make YOU an app... or website! Earn a TON of money when your friends get their own tech.

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Never search for a spot again. List your parking spot, and earn when your friends park too.

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SmartrPills started it all. Is it just a brain supplement, or a way of life? You decide... and earn too!

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Launch your project, earn money to get started, and gain investment dollars too. Refer and earn, too.

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We allow Empire Earners a special place in the vault to track multiple Empires, Referral Codes, and earnings.

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Hookup your cards, and leave them in your pocket. Track your earnings from the brands you promote, too.

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Finally, you can get a spot to work, they can get a spot to work, and everyone earns extra income - together.

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All classified sites and apps are not created equal. Only ours allows you to earn when your friends sell their sh*t.

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The Smartr App provides the world a Smartr, social shopping experience. Stay connected, stay educated, and earn.

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The Smartr Foundry project provides entrepreneurs the resources they need to launch their own scalable brand.

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Our collectors' publication, featuring top CEO's, disruptive technology, investments, and top earners in the Smartr Empire.

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If you have questions about one of our brands, want to invest, or have intellectual property, real-estate, or software you want to add to our portfolio, please reach out, and someone will be in touch soon.